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Grade 2

Mrs. Irwin 946-8396 Ext. 3144

Mrs. Kutz 946-8396 Ext. 3142

Mrs. Saylor 946-8396 Ext. 3140

Mrs. Wagner 946-8396 Ext. 3138 

It is very important that your child reads to you every day. The more reading your child does in and outside of school will help your child to become a more fluent reader. On the DIBELS Assessment, your child will be timed on the amount of correct words he/she can read from a paragraph in one minute. Your child will be tested two more times this year. All second grade students will be monitored on their reading through progress monitoring at least once a month. The goal in second grade is to read 90 words per minute.

It is very important for your child to continue to practice his/her addition and subtraction facts. We will continue to give timed tests on these facts. Later in the year when we begin two digit addition and subtraction problems, your child needs to know his her facts.

Just a reminder to have your child practice his/her words weekly. Any words your child misses on the weekly list should be practiced at home.

After your child has completed a story at home, your child can write about the story. By the end of second grade, your child should be writing a 2.5 paragraph story.