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My Media Balance
Students learn a framework for making informed media choices and to help them find healthy media balance in their lives.

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2023 Camps for Kids

AASD Elementary Camps for Kids 2023

AASD is offering FREE summer camps to children who were in grades K-5 during the 2022-2023 school year. Join us for a fun filled summer with exciting camps that are geared toward student interest while learning! Sign up by June 14th.
Student Opportunity

Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit Program - Penn-Lincoln Elementary

Under the OSTCP program, Penn Lincoln must offer students the choice to transfer to another school district or nonpublic school. Please know that the staff at Penn Lincoln has a relationship with your child and wants to continue serving your child. However, if you feel your child will be better served in another school, you may request a transfer for your child to one of the schools participating in the OSTCP.

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